Industrie Responsible Supply Chain 

Industrie is committed to developing close working ethical relationships with all of our suppliers. Ensuring proper measures and safe working conditions are in place for our suppliers is essential to us.

Responsible Sourcing and Code of Conduct

We care about where our products are manufactured, by who and in what environment. Industrie works together with skilful suppliers and international auditors to ensure all people involved in the supply of our garments are provided with a safe working environment and are paid a fair and legal wage. Industrie does not support exploitation of any kind. Our philosophy and priority is to build a trustworthy and long-term ethical relationship with our suppliers. 

This ensures continuity of the quality, look and delivery of our future products whilst maintaining a visible supply chain. We have worked closely with some of our suppliers for over 15 years and require all new suppliers to pass an International Audit, funded by Industrie, before we will develop any products within their factories.

Industrie provides each manufacturer with a code of conduct which strictly outlines the company policies addressing safe working environments, fundamental human rights & satisfactory working conditions. These are signed by all those involved before any work commences. 

Given the importance of our relationships with our suppliers, we actively seek to positively contribute to the working conditions of the people making our products. Any issues addressed in the International audits are swiftly acted on and rectified.

Supply Chain Visibility

Industrie garment factories and fabric mills are in China, India, Thailand, Egypt & Portugal. Industrie have visibility of all factories and fabric mills. These are audited annually or more often if required.

Industrie does not manufacture in Bangladesh.

Watch the video here of Industrie China factories:

DISCLAIMER: These images are captured from some / one of a number of factories used by Industrie.

For broad audit results click here

The Cotton Pledge and YESS: Yarn Ethical and Sustainably Sourced

Industrie is a signatory of the Uzbek cotton pledge and YESS: Yarn Ethically and Sustainably Sourced with the Responsible Sourcing Network.

Concerns have been raised that the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan is involved in the use of child and forced labour in harvesting cotton within its borders.

We are committed to not knowingly source Uzbek cotton for the manufacturing of any of our products until forced child or adult labour practices are eliminated and verified.

The Baptist World Aid Report

Industrie voluntarily participates in the Baptist World Aid annual Ethical Fashion report.

The report covers topics such as policies, traceability & transparency, auditing & supplier relationships, worker empowerment, a living wage and more. Industrie received an overall Grade in 2019 of A-. Click here to view the full report.

Animal Welfare

Industrie is strongly committed to ensuring that all of our materials are sourced responsibly and this commitment includes raw materials sourced from animals. Industrie have a dedicated Animal Welfare Policy which covers hair and fibre, fur, feather and down, leather skin products and animal testing. Suppliers are required to give full commitment and assurance that they adhere to our animal welfare policy and we have a compliance process which covers this.


Industrie does not use real fur (except for sheepskin, goatskin and cowhide).

Leather and Skin

Industrie leathers are a by-product of the slaughter of an animal.


Industrie wool must is sourced from producers with good animal husbandry.

Angora and Other Rabbit Hair

Industrie have banned the use of angora or any other rabbit hair in Industrie products.

Cashmere and Mohair

Industrie source cashmere and mohair from producers with good animal husbandry.

Feathers and Down

Industrie feathers and down are sourced as a by-product of the meat industry. Feathers must be only purchased from licensed organisations with certification.

Animal Testing

Industrie does not support any animal testing.


Industrie has committed to net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050 for its supply chain.

Industrie cares about where our products are manufactured, by who and in what environment. The third party ethical audits are performed at least annually at Industrie factories and mills and cover the following environmental checks: Environmental certification, Solid waste disposal, Wastewater, air emissions and noise, and Energy and water reduction.

The audit results are monitored and Industrie works with suppliers on any improvements that need to be made.

As well as the manufacturing procedures in place Industrie is also an involved participant of the Australian Packaging Covenant which aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter reducing the environmental impact domestically.